2023 Regular Legislative Session

There are currently over 2,300 bills being reviewed during this session. 

First Day  of Session Jan 11, 2023

Crossover Day Mar 1, 2023 – Last day to read bill in house of origin. Any bills not past third reading on this day and still is original house are officially dead.

Last Day of Session Mar 11, 2023 – Adjournment at midnight.

Below are a few call outs to important legislation as well as a table of all legislation possibly to affect APA WV.

HB 3215 - Update to WV 8A

Code affected - WV §8A, All

This is an update/correction to the text of WV §8A including clarifications of timelines, definitions, and conditions. COMPLETED LEGISLATION! Approved by Governor 3/23/23. Effective Ninety Days from Passage (5/31/2023)

HB 3215 Info

HB 2459 - Clarify zoning requirements to exempt wholesale generators

Code affected - WV §8A-1-2 and §8A-7-3

This adds a definition of "exempt wholesale generator" and adds a notation under Zoning-Generally that such generators are a permitted use in any zoning district. Is dead, did not make it past crossover day.

APA WV Position on this bill. (word doc)

HB 2459 Info

Bills Which May Affect Planners updated 11:30pm 3/8/23 (word doc)

All 1800+ Bills Statuses