Continuing Education

Regardless of whether or not you are AICP certified, continuing education benefits all professional planners by:

  1. Keeping up with new and innovative ways to promote and develop your community. New ways of tackling the same problem get developed all the time.
  2. Allows for cross discipline development. Another planner may bring up an issue you might not have thought about.
  3. Strengthens inter-planner communication. Often times these take place at annual meetings or via webinar where multiple planners come together to talk about issues.

Certification Maintenance (CM) Credit

If you are AICP certified:

CM strengthens the value of your AICP certification. AICPs must earn 32 credits for approved training over a 2 year cycle, including 1.5 credits for law, 1.5 credits for ethics, and new in 2022 1.0 equity and 1.00 sustainability & resilience. Up to sixteen credits may be carried into the next reporting cycle, excluding law and ethics. There are multiple opportunities to earn CM credit, including free webcast courses, the PA Chapter’s annual conference, and other events. For additional information on the CM program, visit APA’s AICP website section.

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