WV 8A Adopted

Through the hard work of WVPA, Senate Bill 454 was passed by the Legislature and singed by the Governor 4/12/2004. While the final law was somewhat similar to the original legislation proposed by the WVPA, there were many compromises and concessions that were made during this process. Some of these areas would be revisited next year during the legislative session and several other unanticipated areas of concern will also surface during the legislation’s first year.

WV 8-24 Update

Between 2001 and 2004 the WVPA worked hard to update the State Planning Law. This included discussion on SCR 38 from the 2002 Legislative Session adopted 3/9/2002 requesting a Joint Committee on Government and Finance study of county and municipal land-use planning. In addition to advocating for revisions to §8-24, WVPA and its Legislative Liaison Marjorie Ryan also be monitored all other planning-related bills to be introduced in the upcoming sessions.